Behind the Scenes: Fly in Love

In 2015 I was sitting in a coffee shop in beautiful and rainy Portland OR, brainstorming ideas for characters and stories I wanted to create. One of those stories was about a little fly who learned a big lesson about love and life.

These are the earliest sketches from that day that eventually became the finished comic

This page is where the trash man and his dump truck were born, and where I explored another version of the final frame of the comic: fly finds poop. 

Pooping puppy! Because the poop had to come from someplace!

Poop sketching! I actually really like drawing poop.

The hair didn’t make it into the final illustration. You’re welcome.

Experiments with fly body language and character design!

Pooch booty: it's where part of the story started, and how the story ultimately ends. 

Thanks for checking out my behind the scenes process! If you'd like to see the final comic again, click here!