Hug the Universe

The universe we call “home” is a mind-bogglingly massive and amazing place. As long as humans have existed we’ve strived to understand the complexities around us. 

“What's that big angry-looking furry thing with sharp teeth over there? What happens if I lick this frog? What happens if I stick this fork in that electrical outlet? What happens if I do what everyone else is telling me I should? What happens if I don't?”

While we’ve discovered and accomplished some truly astounding things (and some not so smart or excellent ones), there are still so many unanswered questions. Hug the Universe is a website that explores the pursuit of living a life of excellence and the human condition through the lenses of personal stories, science, consciousness research, and other things that are of interest to some guy named Ryan (that’s me). 

All fueled by the power of boundless curiosity, silliness, courage, and a desire to understand what's really really real. 

Grab your hat, and let's put the “fun” in profundity.


Human Behavior Series

A 4-part series exploring the remarkable discoveries of psychologist David R. Hawkins and the invisible energetic factors that shape human behavior.

Consciousness Research Interview Series

A 3-part interview series I had the privilege of conducting with brilliant consciousness researcher Eric Burlingame of Inception Publishing.


True tales of some crazy shit I've overcome in my journey to create a beautiful life.

About Hug the Universe

Learn a bit about me and why I started this project. :)

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